DSC01509.JPG so jared calls me on friday to see what i'm up to on saturday. my tentative plans were to relearn how to swallow food and beverage, lay on the couch all day, and sleep. jared introduces the idea of going to an Indy Racing League event. while being a big BMW F1 fan, (go BMW-Sauber!) i decided if i felt up to par i would go. saturday rolls around. i feel a ton better. so not only does jared deliver on the race tix, we have passes to the Firestone hospitality tent (a-thankyou). which does include free food, free beer, and a meeting with my future wife, mrs. danica patrick. DSC01489.JPG yes she's looking directly into my eyes and yes, she's married; but to some sicko who's 16 years older than her. she'll come looking for me when she's divorced.... i know it. anyway thanks again for the tickets jared. you are truly one of a kind and you know how to capture a man's heart. i owe you 18 or dinner for you and your bride at ruth's chris. you choose. thanks playa.