wit & gracias

"wit" is defined (as by wikipedia.com) as a form of intellectual humor, based on manipulation of concepts. i can/could say many things about our healthy little sweepstakes on cornerbirch. it has occurred to me over the past week or so, that i should work on maintaining a central neutrality. that being said i must declare the winner. with the delicacy of a feather his/her words were chosen carefully; yet, they were as bold as a sharpie marker. i can't say much more than that. i must retain my neutrality. the winner is "steen." whomever that might be.... yes, i have no idea who wrote the post. well... i have some idea, but i know he/she probably wishes to remain anonymous. so i tip my hat to you, my dear sir/dame, because you far displayed great candor and intellect. thank you all for participating. i'll list the winning post below. happy cinco de mayo, amigos. check out what the real celebration is for.