Windows on a MacBook Pro

Six years ago I turned my back on Windows Me (Microsoft's worst product release ever) and dived head-first into Macintosh world and I bought my first Apple, a 12" PowerBook.  It had an 876Mhz Motorola processor and a 40 GB hard drive. Great machine.

Since 2002, I've owned a 12 inch PowerBook, a white MacBook, a MacBook Air, and now a screaming fast MacBook Pro -- not the new build.

For years I've enjoyed a stable, easy-to-use OS that worked like a dream.  Unfortunately I had to install Windows XP on my Mac and I almost cried. If finding Apple was seeing the light; installing Windows was like a dog returning to its vomit. Catch my drift?

The only redeeming factor of working on XP was Google Chrome. Google released their new browser a couple weeks ago and forgot to develop a Mac build. Chrome is cool. Because of all the great extensions, Firefox is still my browser of choice.  If you're still on IE, God help you...