why won't you let me sleep?

ok so i can't sleep. and i really really want to. i've got about 10-15 good (or so i think) business ideas running through my head. a couple are ideas on how to improve my business at premiere. a couple revolve around how to make money in real estate. and a few other ideas i have regard starting new projects all together.... of course i think every single one of them could be purple. my old professor, dr. kincaid used to call these 3 martini ideas. because as we all know, (or maybe just me) everything sounds great after the 3rd martini. i haven't had three martinis; but i have, over the past three days, been sleep-deprived, spent over 10 hours in the car, and am now flat wore out. i'm so tired and worn out that crazy biz ideas keep flying in my head keeping me awake. i always come up with great ideas when i'm sleep-deprived. i love creating things. i love getting hyped up over late night ideas and laying out future plans for them. i wish i had my 3M post-its with me.... and maybe that 3rd martini... it just might help me sleep better.