Why Credit Cards are Good

I went to see Coldplay in Atlanta with 4 friends (plus 1 girlfriend). We decided to rent a roomy Toyota Sequoia for the 4 hour drive.


  • Coldplay was awesome
  • Chris Martin dancing like a child
  • Every track on Viva la Vida was played


  • 4 hour drive to Atlanta
  • Tough to imbibe considering the return drive
  • Some thug tried to break into the rental car (luckily nothing was stolen)
  • Progressive decides not to cover the damage
  • Damages amount to $2409.16
  • Rental company promptly charges said amount to credit card

I tried negotiating with Progressive and the rental company; all of my attempts were in vain.  I was forced to pay the damages.  So I googled like a mother looking for some way to get out of paying the charges.

Fortunately, I used my credit card and little did I know that Visa covers damage to rental cars even if you decline rental insurance and your automobile insurance doesn't cover it. I filled out a couple forms, faxed them to Mr. Visa, and weeks later I receive this:

Q: If I used a debit card, would I have received the same type of coverage?

A: No. I bite my thumb at you Dave Ramsey.