What 2025 Could Look Like...

Last week I finished Mark Driscoll's book, The Radical Reformission. I give it a 3.7 on a scale of 6.

The past ten books I've read had crappy middles. They start well and end well, but everything in between is boring and coma-inducing. The same is true with Driscoll's book. The best parts were the introduction and the appendix (and normally I skip them)!

The appendix lists a number of scenarios that could exist by the year 2025. Here are the ones that stood out to me:

  • After homosexual-marriage legislation, or some other equivalent, has been passed, there will be a push for legalized polygamy in order to include bisexual people and their multiple partners as legitimate families.
  • Medical developments will outpace widespread public opinion on the ethics of such things as genetic engineering, cloning, DNA mapping, surrogate motherhood, infertility solutions, selection of a child's sex, use of fetal tissue, artificial organs, organ cloning, and life support.
  • Demonic activity will rise and will increasingly be misdiagnosed as solely medical or psychological problems.
  • The tsunami of information and services customized to please individual people will create a culture of self-absorbed, narcissistic people consumed with themselves and unconcerned about serving other people.
  • God will continue to seek worshipers, and Jesus will continue to save people from Satan, sin, and death in miraculous ways.