I've been thinking about what to write, what pictures to post, and how I would tell the story of our wedding.

It's a long story and probably best told in person; so, I'll spare the details and say the venue was supposed to look like this, but instead looked like this.

We're married and I'm thankful. I'm thankful, that the people that made it were able to come, enjoy themselves, and return home safely. For the people that couldn't or didn't come and wrote us kind letters and sent us gifts, we are grateful. I'm thankful our apartment and belongings were spared and not destroyed in the flood. I'm thankful for both Rachel's family and my family; they've been extremely supportive and we're lucky for solid Christian parents. I'm thankful for great friends and groomsmen - men who I look up to and love.  I'm thankful for mentors, you know who you are. I'm thankful for church family and pastoral leadership - "I will you get you married today." And I'm thankful for a wonderful wife. For marrying me despite my flaws and inconsistencies, my mess-ups and my pride, and for loving me and respecting me - I'm excited to spend the next 50+ years with this wonderful woman.

To be continued...