up close and personal


ok here is another sappy blog post. i just finished watching Up Close & Personal onDemand.

tonight was the second time i've seen this movie. the first time i watched it, it was in the theatre when it came out. i remember when i told my mom and i was going to the movies, she specifically said not to go see up close and personal. it was probably because she didn't want my precious little mind corrupted by the romantic scenes.

oddly, after just watching i had the exact same film 10 years later i was crying as the credits were rolling. what is it with me and sad movies???? i choke up and the tears start flowing. nothing like a good cry, no?

here is a list of movies that i never fail to cry after watching:

  1. big fish*
  2. rudy
  3. up close and personal
  4. i am sam
  5. field of dreams
  6. dead poets society
  7. life is beautiful

*rated number 1 movie to make taylor brooks weep like a child