United Airlines Customer Support

I was just about to write one of those posts flaming XYZ company about how they treat customers.

You know the ones. That's what Twitter and Facebook was created for, right?

"Someone isn't treating me like the royalty! Don't they know how important I am!"

The truth is, the other person on the line is probably a lot like you. And when THEY call into customer support for their cell phone bill or whatever, they are probably a little more understanding of how frustrating it must feel to be the other person on the line.

So I forgot my MileagePlus (frequent flyer) pin number for United and when I went to reset it, this happened:

I HATE it when this happens. There is nothing more frustrating to try and fix my own problem and be unable to do so because the company has stupid recursive loops on their help pages.

So of course I call into customer support. Pissed.

And the lady, Judy in South Dakota, couldn't be nicer.

She promptly helps me, violates some kind of protocol because her computer couldn't verify my security questions, saying, "I trust you. You sound like a nice guy."

After we resolved the forgotten pin she says, "By the way, did you know you have the same birthday as John Wayne? And happy birthday."

No I did not know that. Yes, John Wayne is a total badass. And I realized Judy is a real person, a lot like me, and I probably would've forgotten that if I would've acted the normal pompous ass that I am.