twenty-four found me today.

13 wall writes on facebook, 4 text messages, 14 phone calls, and an office party with an off-key version of "happy birthday." 31 points of contact. i wonder how many were because my birthday was posted on the internet... hmm i guess we'll find out next year when it's not. anyway it doesn't matter, i had a great day regardless of how people knew. a special thanks to: mom, dad, alden, premiere staff, the wards, jb, lana, jana, heather, andrea, garret, gray, chris, will, josh, rus, scott, jennifer, amanda, anne, cj, christian, michael, myra, ryan, morgan, katie, emily, ericka, and everyone else that made my day special. i appreciate your kinds words and affirmations.
"And You're raising these twenty four voices With twenty four hearts With all of my symphonies In twenty four parts But I want to be one today Centered and true"