Top 3 Nashville Restaurants


My top 3 restaurants in Nashville are:

1. Saffire

I've had great memories at Saffire, so it carries nostalgic value with me.  That is not to say the food is bad; it's been voted Best Restaurant in Nashville for a couple years standing.  Saffire is located close to downtown Franklin in the Factory.  Pop a couple corks of wine, kick back to jazz music, and enjoy a great time.

2. Germantown Cafe

The best thing about Germantown is the Sunday brunch.  It'll make you want to slap your grandmother.

3. Jackson's Bar & Bistro

Jackson's is probably my "go-to" restaurant.  If I'm trying to entertain an out-of-town guest, we go to Jackson's, if I want to grab an after movie snack and brew, I'll hit the bar at Jackson's.  To best experience Jackson's, sit outside on patio on a late summer night and suck down a couple glasses of their signature pale ale.  The chicken salad torrado (spinach wrap) is to die for.  Jackson's is also a marquee spot to people-watch in Nashville's Hillsboro Village.