30 days.

newjaredpants.jpg so i had a friend come in town this weekend and upon me taking off my shirt, he commented on my "cellulite." and i have no idea why i put "cellulite" in quotations as if i don't have it. unfortunately it's true, i have back fat... i've been in nashville 4 months and i've gained 20 pounds. in all seriousness, i've bought groceries twice in the quarter year i've been here. i have eaten out almost every meal. you know what though? i am going to continue to eat out every meal. you really can't beat it. it's fast, it's convenient, and i downright love it. so here's my compromise, because i need to get rid of my cellulite (notice the absence of quotations). i'm going on the subway/jared diet for 30 days. a colleague of mine tried a similar 30 day trial of not eating out at all. ask him how his experiment went. here i go. subway until october. then a big fat steak from ruth's chris.  cheer me on.