thoughts on entertainment.

so i feel like i struck out as far as weekend entertainment goes.... on friday night i went to see the davinci code. no good. on saturday night i went to see imogen (prounounced emm-o-gin) heap. no good.

the davinci code movie paled in comparison to the book. the book was captivating. it kept my attention. it was actually interesting. while watching the movie i could do nothing but think about how much better the book was. i'm glad i read the book first...

ok onto saturday night.... i want to preface this by saying that i absolutely love imogen heap. whether it be the details cd or speak for yourself, i think she's greater than sliced bread. her live show, on the other hand, is err, umm.... just stick with the cd. she's not an act meant to be seen live.

i have this feeling that if i'm going to pay money and time for entertainment, that my breath should be taken away. or i should at least be entertained. and if that doesn't happen i leave cheated and pissed.