thoughts on breaking bread.

last supper-in color.jpg

i write this from atlanta bread company (here in cool springs, tn). it surprises me this restaurant has become a franchise; as atlanta is not necessarily known for its bread. seattle has its coffee. idaho its potatoes. florida its oranges. but atlanta its bread? a

anyway, over the past couple days and weeks i have become concerned with primarily one thing: making myself and my life more productive by finding ways get things done faster. i've listened to numerous podcasts (manager tools) and read tons of productivity articles (43 folders), i've started developing my own process in answering email and working in the office.

however i've recently realized that not everything needs to be rushed and sped through. food and dining, for example, is not something that needs to be quickened. eating and enjoying a meal is about community and breaking bread. i've missed that somehow in the fray of work life...

i was out to dinner with a friend and manager of one of our speakers and he called me out for my ridiculously fast-eating habits. i have now elected to eating slower. i've gone as far as to say that, from now on i will be the last person to finish my meal. if you eat with me and i don't....i'll buy your meal. this is going to help me slow down, enjoy food, have richer conversations, and focus on community rather than the common "food is fuel" mindset.