Thomas Friedman on Geopolitics


I read a book by Tom Friedman, called "The World is Flat," a little over a year ago. I also recently watched a Discovery Channel documentary Friedman hosted on a similar subject of outsourcing.  Both were really interesting and I highly recommend you read/see both.

Last week I ran across this lecture by Tom from the Pop!Tech conference.  During the lecture, he presents some very compelling reasons on why the US (and the world for that matter) should become less reliant on oil.  In other words, he's calling for us to "go green."  Now I've never been a sucker for Democratic hype I saw Inconvenient Truth and thought it was a total load; on the other hand, I can't help but side with Friedman on this.  He gives great arguments on why things should change and how the future will look if we don't...

I guess the biggest problem that I have with going green or as Friedman calls it, being "geopolitically conscious," is that it's not cost effective.  Sure I'd love to drive a hybrid car and help out the environment, but they are too dang expensive!  Even with the tax write-off...

So here are a list of things I've found that you can do to help out the environment AND save money:

  1. Buy carbon fluorescent light bulbs. Froogle
  2. Wash your clothes in cold water.
  3. Replace your air filter.
  4. Keep your tires properly inflated.