The Sunglasses I've Owned

Over the years I've owner some pretty killer shades.  I, however, suck at keeping a pair of sunglasses for any respectable length of time.  I'm a brand snob, so I never buy the cheap convenience store ones like I should.  This summer is no exception.  I'll buy another expensive pair from Sunglass Hut and likely lose them in no time.

Here are the different models I've owned in the past:

1.  Oakley Frogskins - $59 - left at the beach

2.  Oakley M Frame Sweep - $120 - stolen by brother

3.  Oakley Sub Zero 0.6 - $89 - left on back of car

4.  Maui Jim Wailea - $259 - lost in the lake

5.  Spy Optic Zoe - $100 - sat on them

6.  Ray Ban RB4057 - $170 - left them in a golf cart