The 4-Hour Work Week


I've been reading this book for the past week and I have been extremely hesitant to write a review and recommend it.  I believe this book will change the way people work because it's already changed the way I work.  The book hit #4 on Amazon last week and I suspect it will be a NY Times bestseller in the coming months.

People must learn to be more productive and effective with their time.  Isn't it kind of arbitrary that everyone in the world works from 9-5?  Out of all the different jobs out there, do all of them take 8 hour days or 2000 hour (assuming 40hrs/wk) work years?

I think not.  "Free your time and free your location," are the anthems of this book.  Pick it up and you will not be disappointed.  I promise.  Stay tuned to see more on how I implement the principles from this book...

SxSW Keynote w/author Tim Ferriss (53:42) Right click to Download
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