tech advisory

problem: if you read tons of blogs or subscribe to a lot of rss feeds you probably use bookmarks or favorites to read all your friends blogs. but what if no one updates? your browser doesn't tell you that no one has updated. solution: netnewswire i've ran across a program called netnewswire. it's software that catalogs all your blog or rss feeds into one really great format. i suggest you check it out the link for screenshots and stuff. *i actually bought the full version. which i am just in love with. the free version called netnewswire lite is basically the same as the paid version. if you scroll down to the bottom of the linked page you'll see the free version available for download. i promise you if you start to use this you will love me for it. check out my screenshot for a better idea of what i'm talking about. this rss syndicator is for mac only. i don't know any for windows because i don't have windows. if you do have windows i've found a great solution, buy a mac. about blogs and the sort "blog" is the popular name for an rss feed. rss stands for "really simple syndication." blogs and rss feeds are written in xml code not html, so they catalog better with programs instead of browsers. browsers such as firefox, explorer, safari are great for viewing pages written in html and flash. they don't do well for reading rss feeds. you can also find some extensions for browsers that incorporate the rss readers into the browser window.