i am emotionally and physically spent.

emotionally spent story:

duane (premiere head honcho and president) outlined a goal for us some time ago. break x amount of dollars in monthly sales and i'll give you x amount of dollars in cash. let me put it this way. it came down to the wire, with roughly $16 large to close by the end of the day we did it. i'm proud to say i closed half of that, but it wasn't really my work. in large part, it was due to one man. ron clark. i feel half lucky and half responsible for the stellar month. in short, we made the goal and the gift was given. the past week has been all about one thing. hitting that goal of x amount of dollars. i am happy to say that after the cash bonuses were given out duane said a prayer and it totally put things in perspective for me. something to the effect of, "may the money that is given out today be used in a way that pleases you Lord." he didn't say it to overspiritualize the situation (and i believe him). he prayed to give glory where glory was due and to give us a perspective we probably hadn't thought about all week or all month for that matter...

physically spent story:

as you may or may not know, i've started the "subway diet." i'm only eating subway (lunch and dinner) for a month. i also joined a gym i hate. my roommate is a gym rat and he's whipping me into shape. i've already lost 5 lbs which puts me at a soft 185. i'm looking forward to being back at 160.


it is extremely satisfying to set a goal and reach it. i don't think i've ever felt as much a rush as i have today. like i said i'm spent.

looking forward to a long weekend, tb