Sold the iPhone.


Last night I sold my iPhone.  During the month or so that I had it, I could not get used to the keyboard.  Texting and emailing turned into a laborious task and it was just a bitch to deal with.  So I'm back to the trusty 'ol Treo.

I listed the iPhone, along with the $100 rebate, on craigslist and within hours the emails poured in.  I met up with a guy yesterday and after we talked some, we then exchanged the goods and went on our merry way.

Or so I thought, less than 30 minutes later I receive an unhappy text from him and here is our full conversation: 

1615***7804 (9/27 7:57 pm): Hey just got the iphone back home.  I thought you said this had never been dropped.  The case is splitting from the top there is a dent in the top and more??
Me (9/27 7:58 pm): It hasn't been dropped.  Case wasn't split when I sold it to you
1615***7804 (9/27 8:00 pm): Were did the dents come from? the black housing that contains the wifi ant has three gouges in it as well
Me (9/27 8:01 pm): We must be talking about a different phone.
1615***7804 (9/27 8:02 pm): Apple store says it is void of warranty
1615***7804 (9/27 8:02 pm): I only have one iphone
Me (9/27 8:03 pm): I'm sorry to hear that, phone was sold as is...
1615***7804 (9/27 8:06 pm): What do think we should do?
1615***7804 (9/27 8:11 pm): Well u did say it was mint and no dents your now going back on what you represented it as
Me (9/27 8:12 pm): Well, I've been upfront, and the phone is in great shape. The case was not splitting when it was in my possession. Hope it works out.
1615***7804 (9/27 8:12 pm): It will work see you soon!
Me (9/27 8:13 pm): Ok
1615***7804 (9/27 8:14 pm): Oh may I ask how the dent came to be by headphone jack?
1615***7804 (9/27 8:22 pm): Well?

It was very odd to me that he would want to return the phone after only 30 minutes.  He had no objections when we first met, so what happened between the sale and the time he took it home?

If you read this article, you will find that Apple released a statement earlier this week saying that iPhones that have been hacked or unlocked would result in “in the modified iPhone becoming permanently inoperable when a future Apple-supplied iPhone software update is installed." 

In short, my buyer's iPhone is now a $310 paperweight.  Glad he paid cash...