So what's new?


Two weeks ago I turned 25.  Mom and Dad came to Nashville and we did everything touristy there was to do.  (hey I wouldn't have done it otherwise...)

Last week Lana came to visit me.  She gave me a book, cleaned my apartment, washed my clothes, and the movie we went to see we ended up walking out of.  I wonder how she had a good time and still considers me a friend.

I started this week right by playing golf at a course nearby.  It's been a long time since I've played and I was pleased with the results.  Golf is a soothing pleasure for me...

Here are some new things in my life:

....reading three books: On Writing Well, A Whole New Mind, and Free Agent Nation
....working on business plan for a new company, OutSmores
....apathy towards the thought of purchasing a home and/or marriage rekindled love for country music
....laughing more, worrying less