My 2017 Goals

This year I got a head start on my 2017 goals.

Usually my goals revolve around health, finances, family, spirtual growth, learning, business, etc. And usually I only meet a few of those goals.

This year I've decided to simplify and only have a handful of targets, but really commit to them. I mean super-duper commit to them. Come hell or high-water, I'm getting these things done....

I only have 3, here they are:

  1. Maintain body weight of 175 lbs

    I've already started this effort by doing Tim Ferriss' slow carb diet and doing a couple HIITs a week.

    When I started I was 204.4 lbs. Twenty-five days in I'm already down to 196.4. Only 21 grueling pounds to go!

  2. Grow to $100k in ARR

    This little business started out as scratching my own itch by building some features for, a CRM that I use to help manage Simple Donation.

    The first piece of code I wrote for this project was on December 29, 2014; almost 2 years ago as of this writing. Most of my time is spent building a scalable system to handle large volumes of email (thanks Elixir!) and onboarding customers concierge-style to better understand required features and how to price.

    I've done a terrible job writing about the service and promoting it. There's a lot of low hanging fruit. If I hustle, I can hit $100k by the end of 2017.

  3. Read these Books

    Originally I wrote down a goal of reading a book a month. Instead, I just looked at my shelf of unread books and thought:

    At the end of next year, looking back on what you've read -- which books would you like to say, 'I'm glad I read that.'?

    These are the ones I chose: