movies you shouldn't see (or that just flat out suck)

lately i've been watching a lot more tv than i've been reading... after christmas i bought a 50in DLP tv and it sucks me in every weekend to watch more and more of the tube. people are always asking if i want to go out downtown or see a movie or whatever and i just feel compelled to sit on my tail and watch tv all night. here's the funny thing, since it's an HDtv all i want to watch are HD channels. (of which there are only like 10 or 15) sadly, those 10 or 15 don't have that great of programming yet so i end up watching the same shows over and over and over and complain how "there is nothing on tv." when actually, there is good programming available on other channels, i just refuse to watch them because they aren't in HD. it's quite the conundrum. that being said, here are a list of movie that you shouldn't see:

  1. smokin aces
  2. the black dahlia
  3. alpha dog
  4. any movie that has justin timberlake in the cast