Managing Time

Most organizations have controls for managing and budgeting capital efficiently, but very few manage time well.

And isn't time the more scarce resource? You can borrow money, you can also generate new money; but you can't generate new time or borrow against future time.

In many cases the organization dedicates an entire branch of full-time jobs in the form of a bookkeepers, accountants, and financial analysts to manage money.

An organization should apply the same rigor to managing time as it does to the governance and control of capital resources. Imagine having an entire branch of your organization staffed with "time analysts" who are responsible for identifying time wastes and reallocating wasted time to higher leveraged tasks. Imagine tying individual bonuses to time effectiveness instead of financial targets -- incentivizing your workforce to spend time more wisely. Most organizations have strict discipline (even termination) for mismanaging money, are there consequences for mismanaging time?