so i bought a new toy this week. a brand spanking new macbook. my powerbook was beginning to feign it's speed so i figured after 3 years it was a good time to upgrade.

i loved my powerbook though and i was a little worried about transitioning to a new comp. so far it's been an absolute headache. i've had trouble transferring my music/movies/photos over. as well as all my programs that i've come so desperately depend on....

and now my external harddrive has crashed.... i don't know what i'll do if i can't recover it... i've got over 30,000 picture (no lie), about 10 full length movies (downloaded legally of course) and a number of other vids that i've accumulated over the years... other than all those problems.. so far so good.

if you're really geeky and must know the specs of the comp it's:

2Ghz Intel Duo Core Processor 60G HD 512MB RAM SuperDrive iSight AV FrontRow