Lessons from a Trial Lawyer

Today's "knowledge workers" are paid according to their effectiveness; not based on time. Defense trial attorneys work as a function of time (paid high hourly rates). Plantiff's trial attorneys are paid a contingency fee, generally 33% of whatever the jury awards for damages (e.g. $33k of a $100k lawsuit).

Because plaintiff's attorneys aren't compensated as a function of time, they can work more effectively and focus only onĀ high order bits.

Do you know what you gotta get?

Can your work boil down to a singular metric? Maybe.

As I watched this, I was encouraged to re-think my daily routine. How much time do I waste on meaningless inputs, when all that matters is what I gotta get.

The man speaking is Mark Lanier, a trial lawyer based out of Houston, TX. The video was filmed at Harvard Law School and he's got some great war stories.