Lake of Fire - A Documentary on Abortion

I have never claimed to have an iron stomach. This proved true in the first five minutes of Tony Kaye's graphic abortion documentary, Lake of Fire. The film touts an objective viewpoint and declares to present both sides of the debate evenly. I disagree.

Granted, the director doesn't downplay abortion for what it really is: first-degree murder; instead Kaye goes so far as to show several horrific scenes of abortion.  Including an abortion procedure performed on a 20-week old fetus, watch that and tell me you are pro-choice...

For the argument of pro-choice, the director interviewed the most fanatic of the Christian right.  You've seen these people on CNN carrying "God hates fags" signs and damning abortionists, doctors, and activists to hell. These are the same "pastors" that orchestrate bombings and assassinations on clinic workers. Where were the interviews with compassionate, loving, and reasonable clergy members who are against abortion?

I'll end on this quote from The Boston Globe:  

You’re quickly grateful ‘‘Lake of Fire’’ is in black and white, because the unblinking graphic footage of tiny extracted body parts and archival photos of corpses with protruding coat hangers would be impossible to take in color. This is arrant sensationalism and, again, necessary to Kaye’s argument: He wants the most committed pro-choicers to understand exactly what it is they’re defending; the most fervent pro-lifer to see exactly what a desperate woman is capable of.

I'm curious to hear others thoughts on the issue...