Joel Salatin at Berkeley

Joel Salatin is a self-proclaimed "Christian-Libertarian-Environmentalist-Capitalist-Lunatic." Sounds like my kinda guy.

In a recent interview with Blue Ridge Outdoors, Salatin sheds light on challenges local food producers face.  Buying local food is generally more expensive than going to the supermarket; you would assume it's cheaper in the supermarket because large corporations can achieve economies of scale.  Not so says Salatin,

"...the cost of local artisan food has nothing to do with inefficient delivery or production.  It has to do with the onerous government regulations that are non-scalable. A normal business that is our size should be paying $2,000 for worker’s comp, but we have to pay $10,000 because we don’t fit into a specific category. A lot of the problem is strictly regulatory requirements, as opposed to inherent inefficiency of small-scale production."
Here are two videos from a question/answer session at UC-Berkeley.1

The term "organic" and how the USDA has perverted its true meaning:

What determines meat texture and how government intervention is bad for farmers: