It's time.

I just went out on my deck and I saw something very peculiar. There was a small child, probably only 2 or 3, running through the parking lot of my apartment complex. It wasn't like a full run, it was more of a wandering run. I kept watching and waiting for his parents to follow... They weren't there.

It was obvious the child was lost and looking for his home.

Then from the other side of the complex I see a dad running. A different run from the child's. His run was a voracious, aggressive one. As he slowed pick up his son, he said, "Where have you been?" And the child started crying as dad carried him back into their apartment.

I have (unintentionally) not attended church for a full year. I can count the number of times I've prayed, talked to God, or read my Bible in the past year on these ten fingers of mine. The picture was crystal clear to me in a split second.

Like I said, I went out on my deck and I saw something very peculiar.... or maybe someone is speaking.