so i go out with a couple of friends this weekend and one of them drank a little more than his fill. ok, so he was trashed. and then he writes this little ditty:
"sin is funny. we naturally think of sin as something you DO. 'I shoot squirrels, I eat babies, etc' sin is that. but its so much more. the problem is that sin is something you ARE. so you can't really just stop doing it, because most of the time you don't even realize its a problem. I feel this with my independence. its not something I can just fix. when I do I'm only "tinkering with the inner-self" as tozer said, and mucking things up worse than they were before. its almost like you can't directly fix the problem sometimes, jesus has to work on the problem indirectly until one day you wake up and realize its just not such a problem anymore."
interesting. if the fellow reads this, know that i'm not passing judgement, just simply observing.