I stopped using tobacco.

I have two sets of friends: those that know I dip and those that don't.

Over the years I've become increasingly open with my usage. In high school, I would dip on my way home from school; at my last job, I would openly dip in the office (except for meetings); and most recently, I stopped hiding it from my girlfriend. This bothers me for a number of reasons. Here are my reasons on why I've decided to kick the can on dipping:

  1. Tobacco is cancerous. I'll spare you the pictures of people who have gone through throat and mouth cancer. It's gruesome - search at your own risk.
  2. Friends and family that battle cancer. Last week my grandmother had surgery for mouth cancer; a friend's mother battled lung cancer for months before going home to Jesus. There are more stories, the point is this: it's careless and inconsiderate to use tobacco when people around you fight for their lives against cancer.
  3. Nicotine is addictive. It is scary when a $4.00 plastic can determine your demeanor. It's also scary when you track your expenses and see how much money you spend on vices.
  4. Lance Armstrong. I've felt indifferent about Lance until I started following him on Twitter. He's dead serious in leading the fight against cancer. I believe him when he says the reason he came back from retirement was to boost LiveStrong awareness and challenge industrialized nations to heavily fund cancer research. His altruism is authentic.