I no longer want Mint. I have Yodlee.


I've been searching for the perfect personal finance tool and until yesterday, I've had no luck.  I only wanted a simple application to automatically track my spending and to view all my accounts on one page.  Today, I found said application and it's brilliant...

Yodlee offers the solutions I was looking for.  I could try and describe the depth of this program, but I couldn't give it the justice it so richly deserves.  You'll just have to dive into using Yodlee yourself.  Don't worry, it's free!

You can register with Yodlee by finding the "Register for account" on the lower right side of the page.  It takes all but 30 minutes to set up your account and you'll sit back in your desk and say, "Hmm that was easy!"  Now the fun begins, you can breakdown all your expenses by category and drill down into what you're really spending your money on.  You'll be surprised.  I was.  ($1000 a month for eating out? Yikes!)

I saw this line on a blog and it's what convinced me to start using Yodlee:  "I find there are two types of people in the world: those who have never heard of Yodlee and those who love Yodlee."

To be completely honest, I thought Mint would be my personal finance solution.  They've done a great job marketing their product through their blog and I was eager to use it; unfortunately, they've failed to keep my attention by taking so frickin long to develop their software and I'm positive that I'm not the only one to feel this way.  I'm sure it'll be cool though...

In related news it appears that Mint is licensing Yodlee's technology or are partnering with them or something.