I Moved! - A New Residence

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Last week I moved into the new place that Rachel and I will share for the first few years of our marriage.  In looking for an apartment, we both wanted something with character, plenty of natural sunlight, and something close to people. So we settled on this little joint in Hillsboro Village. The place, or Hogwarts as I like to call it, is walking distance to Vanderbilt, SATCO, Fido, Pancake Pantry, and Jackson's, my favorite hangout spot.

The building was built in 1920 and was originally fitted as a nurses dorm for Vanderbilt hospital. The last picture I took dates the building. The iron doors you see are drop boxes for milk and meat packages - pretty cool!

If you want to drop by and say hey or send us some snail mail, our address is:

1901 Capers Avenue, Ste. 200, Nashville, TN 37212