i miss my bros

so my buddies chandler and david came up to visit me this weekend. they flew up from atlanta friday round lunch time and stayed through sunday morning. i didn't realize how much i miss these guys until after i dropped them off at the airport. i locked up and got glossy eyed, i'm not going to lie...

anyway, i had some of the most fun i've had in a long time. these are some of my life long friends and i know that we will remain friends until the day i die.

here is a fun list of inside jokes: chandler's quote of the morning regarding the subwoofer, dave yelling "lemme get some orange drank" in chick-fil-a, chan talking to yet another male about his euro trip (omg you're gay), a cigarette to the eye, and a fun little game we'll call..... "throw all of taylor's stuff in the yard."

miss you boys