Huckabee Visits the Office and my Thoughts on the Race


For almost 25 years I have been a political apathetic. That has changed. There was a sleeping giant inside of me that I didn't even know was there. No more Seinfeld, I watch the Fox News now. No longer Facebook, because I check Drudge Report at least 50x a day now. I have even broken my self-made promise that I would never listen to talk radio.

That being said, here is where I stand so far:

Mike Huckabee is my first choice, he comes across as genuine and endearing in the debates. To me, he's the most trustworthy of the candidates; because let's face it, Romney has been characterized as "plastic", Giuliani's past keeps haunting him, Thompson entered late and can't garner interest, and Hunter and Tancredo are whiny second-tiers who will likely drop out before Christmas.

Even the NY Times, traditionally known as a liberal media outlet, would run a positive article on Huckabee, a Republican candidate...

For now, my money and my vote are going to Mike Huckabee. But I could change my mind...

**The picture above was taken yesterday when Governor Huckabee stopped by the office.