Hawaii Pics and MidPhase

Starting at the top left and going clockwise is 1.Waimea Bay, 2.a beautiful road running along the coast between Haunama Bay and Sandy Beach, 3.John filming surfers on the North Shore, and 4.a goofy foot riding the Banzai pipeline.

All in all, the trip was simply relaxing. We stayed on Oahu for the whole week, but I think next time I'll venture to Maui, or the Big Island. The most surprising thing about Hawaii is the amount of Japanese tourists. Being a Caucasian male of 25 definitely put me in the minority. If I recall correctly, Japan accounts for 60% of Honolulu's tourism.

I really wanted to post pictures and videos of my adventures while I was there but our hotel internet connection was ridiculously slow. Or so I thought...

It turns out that one of my posts showed up in the top searches in Google and for a couple days it got slammed. Since then, I've switched hosting companies thus increasing my bandwidth, only to find Google excluding it from their search anyway... jerks.

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