Happy Valentine's Day!

So with me being single and all today seems like the perfect day for me to make fun of people that actually have dates. I was walking through Kroger this morning (I normally walk through Kroger on Valentine's Day morning) and as I passed the card aisle, I saw 4 or 5 guys frantically looking at cards. All of them were searching for that perfect sentence that would express their sentiments to that special someone. Lame...

I really really want to be mean and cynical to all those that have dates tonight. But the truth is I really don't care... I'm completely apathetic. And for most people, today is a celebratory day for two people who love each other. But if you're single, today is a reminder that you're not dating anyone and you're not married and most likely... you'll be in the same position this time next year.

Here's to a day filled with candy and Krispy Kreme donuts shaped as hearts.