Garmin 405 Released - I got one!

garmin 405

Garmin just released their new Forerunner 405 GPS watch this weekend at the Boston Marathon Expo. The watch was originally supposed to release mid-February; but, for unknown reasons, the release date keeps on being pushed back by Garmin. Word on the street is that the watch won't hit stores for another 2 weeks.

Luckily, I have a friend in Boston and is running the marathon today. He picked me up a new Garmin 405 with the heart rate monitor. The question now is: to eBay or not to eBay? There have been a handful listed since Saturday and they are currently selling $100 over retail price. I think I'll keep it for now and be one of the exclusive few in the country to own one...

What's so cool about this watch? Because it uses satellite technology, it can track how far you run, how fast you ran, where you ran (Google maps integration), the elevation changes of your run, and it wirelessly downloads all this information to your computer when you are within a 50 ft radius.

Check out some cool vids of the watch here and here.