Free Up Hard Drive Space on your Mac

Over time, your hard drive fills up and before you know it, you have 5 gigs left. This is astonishing, considering most of us start with 60, 80, or 120 gigabytes of space!

Here are 5 steps to slim down your Mac and make it run a little faster:

1. Monolingual

The Mac operating system comes pre-installed with every language imaginable. And when you install a new program, language sets are also included. If you only use one language, it's pointless to have these files take up space. Monolingual will delete all unwanted languages. Just make sure you don't delete English or you're screwed...

2. Convert iTunes MP3s to AACs

I have 4647 songs; totaling 21 gigs of music in iTunes! By converting your music to the AAC format; you can compress your iTunes library 25-50%. Open iTunes, type ( + j), and select "Kind" to show the file type. Highlight the tracks you'd like to convert, right click, and then "Create AAC version."  Delete the old MP3 version and watch your library shrink in size!

3. Onyx

Onyx is a great, free tool that will automatically clean up your hard drive.  Download it and make sure the settings are the same as the image below.  Best to run this overnight. After you execute the cleanup, it looks like Onyx isn't working... trust me it is.  It just takes some time.

4. Xslimmer

Xslimmer is a cool little app to slim down all of your programs.  It's $12.95 and worth every penny. I cut 5 gigs just from Xslimmer.

5. Delete unused Printer drivers

Your hard drive also comes pre-installed with tons of printer drivers. If you only use one printer, these drivers are worthless. Here is a great article on this technique.