Fred Wilson on Entrepreneurs

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I'm very selective with my information intake lately. Weeks ago I deleted a 70 feeds from my blog reader, downloaded Facebook Notifier to use the site as a communication medium, and I'm spending less time on news sites - save the occasional Drudge Report check-in.

One blog that I added was Fred Wilson's blog. It's pure gold and should be required reading for tech-business types. I love reading the comments section of Fred's site; he stays engaged in the discussion, opposing views are welcomed, and the conversation is rich with intelligent folks.

Today, Fred posted a list of 5 defining characteristics of entrepreneurs:

  1. A stubborn belief in one's self
  2. A confidence bordering on arrogance
  3. A desire to accept risk and ambiguity, and the ability to live with them
  4. An ability to construct a vision and sell it to many others
  5. A magnet for talent