farewell to the UBD.

the UBD will be torn down this month. UBD slideshow

115 S. Debardeleben St. Auburn, AL aka. "the UBD", "the Ugly Brick Duplex", or "Ugly Boys Duplex"

i made this legendary auburn residence home for a short time during my auburn days. i came into the picture being the sixth roommate taking brian koon's spot while he interned a fall semester. the other five, or as i like to call them, the allstar team of duncan chancellor, gray brantley, john pritchard, david ytterberg, and the infamous mr. james theodore farmer III.

the UBD was my favorite out of the four different places i lived while in school. i guess it was my favorite because of the many many memories that house held.

i was in auburn this past weekend so jp and i took a stroll to the UBD and see if it actually was still there. it was. but when i walked through it, it just felt empty. it lost it's character. it lost it's flavor. it lost it's soul. the 5 guys who once inhabited it together are now spread throughout the southeast. 2 in nashville, 3 in auburn, and 1 in perry, ga.

here is a list of memories:
no pants tuesdays
spades tournaments
catching an un-named roommate (duncan) making out in the driveway
scaring that same un-named roommate after he watched saw
waking duncan up for mcdonalds breakfast after a late night
brotherhood & long nights in the cabin
gray's dip cups all over the house (mine were contained to my room)
our serious sit down talks
john throwing gray's dip cans away
jp's general mood towards everyone in the house
late night talks on the roof
smoking cigars on the front porch
18 ft. snowman and tons of christmas lights
a breakin resulting in a loss of two shotguns, a watch, tons of dvds, & money
mr. jtf III not sharing his expensive furniture with the common area
25 person mafia games at 3am
duncan's trips to walmart returning with 8 movies and no food
toxey, the black lab
gray running around in a thong that said, "rockstar"
taking duncan to return brian's "leftovers" to hastings
bannister's weekend visits
duncan's closet of perfectly starched shirts
sing-a-long in the cabin
tb & jtf wine and cheese night in the cabin
james' urns and pumpkins