everything is spiritual.


so last night Rob Bell was in town for part of his tour entitled, "everything is spiritual." basically there was a dry erase board that filled the width of the stage and as he talked he wrote his points down. very creative.

it would be really tough for me to sum up the whole talk and do it justice; so i'll just tell you what i gathered from it.

a. genesis 1 was written as a poem. that poem contains a wealth of information with meter, rhythm, and symmetry.

b. Elohim is the word that God uses to describe himself in genesis 1. Elohim is also a plural word. we add an -s or -es to make things plural. in hebrew they added -im. the singular would actually be Eloah.

c. genesis 1 notes that a "day" is evening then morning. this is symbolic of things natural progressing from darkness to light. sometimes if they choose to...

Rob presented a ton of scientific facts that are way over my head but he wrapped it up beautifully. i wish all of you could have been there. to see some of Rob's projects click on below.

nooma. mars hill church.