endings and beginnings.

i 'birched this over a year ago and i think it's an appropriate read for january. (i didn't write it BTW)
"I love December and January--endings/beginnings. Hmmm. Much to be said. It's good to bring close to tasks, eh? The final step of a journey, the last scratched word of an essay, the final period to a book, word of a wedding ceremony, bullet of a war, punch of a key of a business report, and beyond. But there's good in beginnings as well, no? A baby, daybreak, sunset, the call to worship, the click of the tracks in an ascending roller coaster climbing to its first fall, introductions to new faces, a kiss, and beyond. They're necessary... and beautiful for life and happiness, exhiliration and pain. Not knowing how things will go at their inception, and reflecting on them all at the close. It seems right that this should go on, these endings and beginnings. Life seems a series of journeys, growth, and change. As Tolkien (sp?) via Jackson suggested, even death is a path we all must take. Into eternity, then? Not for a usurpation of "rest," no! But for a final, true fulfillment of what it is to do and serve for the King.
A bit vague, eh? Just musings, no more."