Email from Vince Poscente

    From:       Vince Poscente
    Subject:     Last minute for Champion's Challenge winners...
    Date:     April 18, 2007 4:42:42 PM CDT

Hey gang...

We’re so excited about your visit. We also have exciting news.

As you may have heard already we will have a Camera Crew from Fox following us around doing a piece on the concept of Overcoming Fear.

Fox asked us what situations would be best to overcome fear. We have taken the liberty to suggest Taylor (our resident ski virgin) to do a Black Diamond Run on his first day (don’t worry Taylor, Cary and I are experienced at this sort of thing – do you have a helmet? If not there’s probably one on site.) Everyone else is pretty experienced on the trip so we think it will be fun. (Taylor, Fox did ask if you had any history of blacking out by the way – let me know if you do... Nothing a couple of Red Bulls couldn’t remedy).

The run is called Dragon’s Tongue and it is double black diamond. Rated the steepest run in Canada. We should have enough snow but the trees and rocks should be avoided... ha ha. The view from Dragon’s Tongue is pretty special! You can see clear down the bottom of the mountain two miles down. We should make sure we all take a peek.

I don’t have the waiver but we’ll have that available on site. If anybody else has ideas for overcoming fear let me know.


We know this is last minute but Saturday night is the night we do a dress up. The first year we did an 80’s theme. The second year it was Cowboy. The third year we raised the bar and did Go as Your Favorite Speaker. Not to be outdone we have decided to make our theme Farm Animals.  Here is the list.

David – Cow
Janice – Duck
Kelly – Chicken
Taylor – Sheep
Christa – Horse
Emily – Calf
Cary – Farmer John
Vince – Farmer’s wife Ethel

We will have the costumes ready for you. Fox will join us that night too. They are going to do interviews with each of us in our costumes, follow us around the town and to our dinner & dancing. Taylor will likely be the star because of his day of overcoming fear... What a paradox... A fearless sheep... cool...

Well, we can’t wait to see you all. It will be a blast...

Take care