deep purple

a purple cow is remarkable. simply meaning that if you saw one, it wouldn't go unnoticed... you'd probably talk about it or perhaps "remark" about it. how many people know that 3M makes security glass? how many people care?

if you were at a bus stop with a little over half a million dollars in it, you'd probably do everything in your power to break it. and after you couldn't break it, you'd go home and talk about the incident. 3M knew that it's security glass wasn't a daily conversation piece. but maybe for a day or week or month, it became a focus. and it probably made headlines. all because they did something remarkable... they made a normal cow turn purple.

how many people care about what you have to say? how many people actually, like really give two spits, about what you say? or more importantly what you believe? apathy, complacency, and indifference are the enemies. rebel against your own indifference.

who knows? maybe you'll unleash something remarkable. something actually worth talking about.