Current Workspace and Routine


The above picture is my current workspace.  I can hear the constant roar of 440 and West End.  There is a fire station less than a mile away and within a 2 mile radius of my apartment, there are 2 hospitals.  This is not a quiet place.  Amazingly, I'm pretty productive and I actually get stuff done.  Call me "Productivity Ninja."

Here is my normal "work" schedule:

  1. Check Gmail.
  2. Read all the tweets I missed in Twitterrific.
  3. Browse through my RSS feeds in Google Reader.
  4. Hit Drudge Report.
  5. Peruse Hacker News.
  6. Write emails, send resumes, research job opportunities. (Lots of time spent here)
  7. Aggregate data for TotemPoll.
  8. Repeat steps 1-5
  9. Read whatever book is on my list.  Currently I'm reading Founders at Work.
  10. Hit the hay.