so here's a little history on something frustrating that i've been dealing with ever since i moved to nashville. about three months ago i cut up my check card in order to help myself stop spending money. the plan was to go on a cash diet. spend only cash, no check cards and only use the credit card if i need to.  because it's a known fact, people spend less when they pay with cash. anyway, i've found myself writing checks a lot lately. due to the fact that: a. i don't have a check card b. i never carry cash c. i don't want to put money on my credit card (it's an amex) so ever since i've moved up to nashville, i have found myself in the predicament of businesses not taking anything but local checks. here's where my beef starts to come into play. the only reason businesses are not taking my checks is because my previous address is printed on the check. nothing else changes. my account and routing numbers stay the same. what makes my check "local," is the fact that i have a different address printed on there. and because they will not take my check for this reason, i'm forced to spend via my credit card and pay interest for a pizza or whatever. when businesses don't make logical sense they make me mad.