Casinos Exploit the Poor


A couple weeks ago I went to Tunica, MS with friends. I would not have gone were it for the free bus ride and free lodging (thanks Ken!).

This was my first time gambling in a casino and to be honest, I'm not a big fan. Casinos are designed to make you lose as much money as possible. The alcohol is free (as long as you gamble) and there are no windows or clocks; because they know that the more time you sit at a table, the more likely you are to lose to the house.Casinos exploit the poor and ensnare people in addiction. This will be my last visit to a casino...

Focus on the Family's Statement on Gambling says it "destroys marriages, undermines the work ethic, increases crime, motivates suicide, destroys the financial security of families... and dupes people into believing [it] will somehow benefit children." I agree.