can i have your attention please?


i just got off the phone with one of my clients. i called them back in September and wrote them off as someone who was just kicking tires and wasn't going to spend any money with us. they wanted this one particular speaker, but he was just too expensive. so we just kinda split ties. well, just for giggles i called them today to see if i could try pitching a different speaker who was a third of the price, but imho just as good a speaker.

they obviously had never heard of the second person i pitched. i spoke extremely high about him and my gut feeling is that they'll end up booking him.

now here's my question: how much of my job is recommendations? and how much of my job is hype?

if this guy drops the ball, i look like an idiot for recommending him so heavily. if he nails his speech and captivates the crowd, i look like i was doing my job... not a genius. that's how it is as an agent. if we tank on recommending a good speaker; i'll hear an earful from a client. if the event goes well without a hitch; yay for the speaker they're awesome. no congrats to the agent....

i've been drilling in my head lately that life is a lot more enjoyable when you manage your expectations.

i definitely just raised the client's expectations of the speaker. i'll be interested to see what they say when i follow up with them.

that is of course, if/after i get them to sign a contract.... (it will happen)