Busy Bodies and an Easy Yoke

Not So Fast book cover

Mark Earley talked about a new book, Not So Fast, in last week's BreakPoint commentary.  The book talks about the need to slow down and why our busyness is a possible sin. From Earley's commentary:

One of the things I appreciate most about Kroeker’s book, Not So Fast, is that she examines the motivations that can get families to this point. These are motivations for safety like: “The best way to keep kids out of trouble is to keep them busy.” They are motivations based in competition, like: “An abundance of activities and volunteer work looks good on college applications.” And they are motivations based on keeping up an appearance, like: “We feel important and indispensible when we’re busy.”

Kroeker points out, we find that many of these motivations are based on fear, envy, pride, insecurity, and a love of the approval of man.

The book invites us to examine what’s at the root of these choices, and to repent of the motivations when they are based in sin.  As Kroeker says, “For everyone who yearns for the benefits of a slower life, I want to point to Jesus and say, ‘Start here. Start with the One who offers true and lasting peace.’”